Welcome to Mallow's Heritage

Mallow has been known for centuries as "the Crossroads of Munster". It is located where east-west traffic from Waterford to Kerry crosses north-south traffic from Cork to Limerick and beyond, and is today the administrative capital of North County Cork, Ireland.

Set deep in the heart of the Blackwater Valley, Mallow is a traditional Irish market town, small by international standards but medium-sized by Irish standards. Although the livestock market around which the town grew and prospered has recently been closed down, it is still strongly aligned to agriculture. The surrounding districts are dominated by dairy herds with tillage and forestry also well represented. In more recent times, manufacturing and service industries have been attracted here by its excellent location and transport infrastructure.

The main shopping streets are classically Irish with local businesses predominating. Within the town you will experience the hustle and bustle (after 11am, we are not early risers here!) of folks about their business. It is a friendly place - if you offer a polite "good morning" to a stranger you can confidently expect a polite "good morning" in return!

Mallow features prominently in most of the major events of Irish history. Because of this, it can claim to have a rich heritage. In recent years great strides have been made to uncover and present Mallow's heritage to visitors.

The main place of interest is the Castle and its grounds. Actually, you get two castles for the price of one and a herd of rare "royal" deer throw in! There are a great many other castles, abbeys, stately homes and sites from an earlier history to visit. Another facet of Mallow's history is the little-remembered "Spa" period when the town rivalled Bath, Leamington, Harrogate and others in attracting visitors from all over Europe to take the medicinal waters. The resulting "resort" facilities also attracted a more pleasure-seeking visitor giving rise to the "Rakes of Mallow" song (and reputation!) "




Mallow town was the birthplace or residence of many famous people in the country's history. William O'Brien and Canon Sheehan for example, while the main thoroughfare is correctly named Thomas Davis Street in honor of the great patriot who was born and educated in the town.

As each year goes by, more of Mallow's heritage is lost to redevelopment and for this reason the St Anne's Historical and Heritage Society was formed to uncover, catalogue and preserve the heritage of the town and surrounding area. The main goal of the Society is to open a permanent Heritage Centre where local folks and visitors can view artefacts, documents etc. from the Society's growing collection.

Again, we welcome you to Mallow and trust you will enjoy your visit here.