St Annes Heritage & Historical Society



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In 1998, a group of Mallow and district residents who were all actively interested in the history and heritage of the area founded the St Anne’s Society. What brought them together was not just their mutual interest in the subject, but a realisation that the results of their freelance efforts should be available to a wide audience, and for others to access easily in future years. The best way to make this information available would be to bring together visual static and interactive displays of historical events to one physical, permanent location. The ideal solution would be to establish a Heritage Centre within or very close to Mallow Town.

Since 1998, membership has grown steadily and has attracted interest from well beyond Ireland. The role currently stands at around sixty members. The group is actively engaged in the measurement and recording of many historical sites. A vast quantity of written information is available on all aspects of the town and its hinterland.

The Society takes its name from the ruin of St Anne’s Church and graveyard, the oldest and most significant construction in the area.